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Calls claiming warrant for arrest is a jury scam
Newton County Judicial Center

COVINGTON, Ga. - The Newton County Clerk of Courts office warns all Newton County residents of a jury scam being conducted via phone calls recently.

The scam reportedly is being conducted by a caller claiming to be a Marshall telling people that they didn’t show up for jury duty and there is a warrant for their arrest. The caller goes on to say there is a fine and payment is needed.

Please do not pay this alleged fine. The Newton County Clerk of Courts will not call asking for money or credit card information or to inform you of a warrant for your arrest. 

The Clerk of Courts may call if you do not show up or send a letter with another date to show cause why you didn’t show up to jury duty. However, the Clerk of Courts will not ask for money to pay a fine. Do not give out any private information if you are contacted concerning this jury scam.

If you receive a call of this nature, please hang up immediately and call the Clerk of Courts office at 770-784-2035.