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Atlanta man killed during domestic dispute in Covington
police line

COVINGTON, Ga. – A domestic dispute at a residence in Covington has left one man dead.

According to an incident report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO), Antoinne Canady of an Atlanta address was shot and killed by Nicole Fletcher of Covington following a domestic dispute. He was 35 years old.

The incident occurred on May 9 at Lakeside Circle in Covington.

It is not currently clear as to how the incident started. However, both parties were listed as victims in NCSO’s incident report.

The deputy on-call arrived at the scene where he saw Fletcher and another woman standing in the road and crying. Fletcher was then detained and placed in a patrol vehicle.

The NCSO incident report stated that Canady was then discovered “slumped over on the front door of the porch” and “was not breathing or conscious.” 

The on-call investigator, crime scene investigator and the coroner then responded to the scene.

It was noted in the NCSO’s report that the interaction was not recorded on the responding officer’s body cam, citing a technical malfunction due to the heavy rain from that day.

So far no charges have been brought forth in this case and it is an ongoing investigation.