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Mayor Riley resigns
Jefferson Riley

MANSFIELD, Ga. - In a post on his personal Facebook page, Mansfield Mayor Jefferson Riley announced his resignation from the elected position, effective Friday, March 22.

Riley served in the position for five years and three months and was in the final year of his current term. 

Riley said comments were made on the "Mansfield GA City News and Info" Facebook group page, of which he is blocked and unable to provide a rebuttal. 

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The "Mansfield GA City News and Info" page on Facebook describes itself as the unofficial news source for the city.

"The slander and lies that were increasing on me by this group were certainly adding a lot of stress, but again it was just on me," Riley told The Covington News. "When they mentioned my wife two or three times that was just going too far. I'm not going to have anyone disparage my family. I honor and respect my wife too much for that."

Riley hopes to continue to see growth and development in Mansfield and holds no harsh feelings. 

"I absolutely loved serving in this position," he said. "I could absolutely care less about my title as mayor, I just loved serving my community."

Riley said now that he has resigned from the position, Mayor Pro-Tem Perry Lunsford will serve as mayor in the interim. In August, anyone wishing to run for the elected position can register as a candidate. The election will be in November.

"I don't have to be the mayor of Mansfield," he told The News. "I've loved doing the job and it's really sad that I can't continue to be a part of it."