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Covington Police Department presents top awards
CPD Awards

At Covington Police Department’s 2023 annual awards ceremony on Feb. 20, the Medal of Valor and Police Star were presented. 

Receiving the Medal of Valor was presented to officer Rashad Rivers after his call to serve and protect resulted in being shot on May 23, 2023. He worked to safely remove two civilians, one of which was a child, from a dangerous domestic dispute. 

The Medal of Valor is the highest award issued by the Covington Police Department (CPD). It is reserved for an officer who faces serious bodily injury or death in the line of duty. 

Rivers as well as officer Michael Ward were presented the Police Star, too. 

They received the honor for their acts of heroism directly related to the events of May 23, 2023. Rivers used his own training to react to the situation and save the lives of a mother child — as well as himself — until backup could arrive. 

Rivers incurred a gunshot wound to his face during this encounter. 

Ward arrived upon the scene and helped save Rivers’ life as well as secure the removal of Rivers and the mother and child from the area. 

CPD chief Philip Bradford gave Rivers the opportunity to present Ward with his police star in a unique presentation at the awards ceremony.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp recorded a special video message for both officers, too. 

“Our team is proud of the courage exemplified by officer Rivers and officer Ward and we are grateful that officer Rivers has recovered and returned to full time duty,” a CPD Facebook post read. “Congratulations gentlemen and thank you for your service and bravery.”