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City of Covington election irregularity suit dismissed

COVINGTON, Ga. – A lawsuit filed regarding the Nov. 7 city of Covington election has been formally dismissed.

Carla Ferry, a former candidate for the East Ward Post 2 seat, filed the suit on Nov. 13 on the grounds of alleged election irregularities. Listed as defendants in the case were Board of Elections chairman Phil Johnson as well as the other board members.

According to Johnson, a software glitch that occurred during early voting sparked claims from Ferry that she was not on the ballot during that time period.

“The first day of early voting we [the board] had discovered a software glitch, we caught it very early in the morning,” Johnson said. “Her [Ferry’s] contention when she filed the suit was that there was a time period when she wasn’t on the ballot and therefore it could’ve impacted whether or not she got all the votes she can get.”

But Johnson said the software glitch did not affect how the votes turned out.

“It ended up there was never a time she was not on the ballot, and when we filed our response, she immediately dismissed the action,” Johnson said.

Court records show a response was formally made by Johnson on Nov. 21, with the dismissal occurring the next day on Nov. 22.

Ferry lost her race to incoming councilman Travis Moore 740-422.

The Covington News reached out to Ferry and were successful in reaching her but stated she could not “comment at this time.”