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Holloway: The movies that put the HORRIBLE in horror
The OK, the bad and the binge-worthy
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If AMC’s horror-thons aren’t enough to get those “I’m to scared to get up and see if that’s a coat hanging in my closet or the guy with the hook in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’” juices flowing then there are plenty of movies on Netflix that will. There are more terrible horror movies than there are good ones and Netflix has a full slate of don’t-watch-these-unless-you’re-drunk-and-want-to-laugh horror flicks. So, instead of listing those movies here are some you should avoid.

Five people are trapped in elevator and people keep dying. The security guy believes it has something to do with religion and blah, blah blah blah. It’s not scary even a little bit. The people in the elevator are weird and creepy with skeptical backstories. Although it is a little creepy when you find out who’s killing everybody in the elevator, you probably guessed it anyway. The “Devil” movie should have stayed in development hell.

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers
Michael Myers has one of the best theme song for a mass murdering serial killer of all time. There are a lot of sequels to the original “Halloween” including the recent Rob Zombie-led remake that produced one sequel, both of which were solid films. However, there are a few sequels to the original that are horrid and “Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers” is one of them. The fact that Paul Rudd is in this movie should tell you enough.

The Fog
Tom Welling, formerly known as “Smallville’s Clark Kent, stars in this epic time wasting film that is really stupid. If you’ve seen the original “The Fog” film from back in the 80’s, you probably expect a lot going into this one. The concept of the film is kind of cool, because people are essentially running from the weather, but not really. There’s more to it than that, but I won’t spoil it in case you do watch it. The plot is thin and the acting is terrible. The movie and the horror moves slow as the build up to the fog coming to town takes a while. The end result is nothing short of terrible.

Any Dusk Till Dawn Sequel
Robert Rodriguez’s original “From Dusk Till Dawn” movie was great, not specifically for the horror as much as it was for the compelling characters. But – like many horror movie sequels especially ones on this list – the many follow-ups fail to miss the mark that original did. I think three of the movies are on Netflix, but only the original will allow you to watch it and not want to become one of the undead.