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PODCAST: Exclusive interviews with the founders of Recruit Georgia and Raw Recruiting in Episode 4

If you follow high school football around Georgia, chances are you've been on social media and come across the names "Recruit Georgia" and "Raw Recruiting." Well, in this episode, we give you exclusive interviews with the men behind both recruiting engines. 

Here, they tell you more about their evaluation process, what separates them from some of the other services, as well as their personal takes on some of the top football talent in Covington, Newton and Rockdale counties to keep an eye on. 

We start with myself and Tyler Williams giving a little recap on some of the spring sports season that has pretty much come and gone. Then we chat with Rodney Williams of Raw Recruiting (21:35 mark of the podcast) followed by David Ewalt of Recruit Georgia (43:40 mark). 

Take some time and enjoy this one!