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Black All-Stars win championship
The Newton Black All-Stars defeated the Red All-Stars 28-17, as a No. 4 seed to win the Newton County training league tournament.

Hit after hit, inning after inning, the Newton County Black All-Stars pounced on their Newton Red All-Star counterparts to win the Newton County training league tournament championship in a 28-17 victory.

The championship game was probably more exciting than any MLB game, you’ve watched this season. After the first inning neither offense could be stopped as the teams combined for 35 runs after the first inning and-a-half.

The Black All-Stars got out to an early lead, going up 10-0 before the bottom of the second inning. The Reds responded ferociously scoring five runs at the bottom of the second to trail by just five runs entering the third inning.

Defense would be the kryptonite leading to the Red All-Stars’ demise. The team struggled to stop the Black All-Stars in the field, as the Black All-Stars ran the bases strategically and got timely hits with some going deep in the outfield. The Black All-Stars scored at least five runs – the maximum allowed – in each inning except for the fifth inning.

The Reds were able to make the game interesting late when they pulled within six runs heading into the top of the sixth, but the eventual champions had something else in mind. Scoring five more runs in the final inning, gave the Black All-Stars an automatic victory and the championship trophy.

“We came in we worked hard for two-and-a-half weeks, they have really taken to what the coaches have wanted them to do and it’s paid off,” Jason Jones, Black All-Stars head coach, said about his team’s victory. “They played hard, they hit the ball, we knew they were a great hitting team. They’re defense has come along and [they’re] true all-stars.”

“That means everything,” Jones said in regards to watching his team accomplish their goals, “that’s why I’m in here. That’s why I’m coaching.”

Jones says it took three games to figure out where everybody should play when they began this process a couple of weeks ago.

“When we began a lot of people played infield positions so we had to find everybody’s spot. It took three games to find where everybody was clicking on defense and once that happened we just took off,” Jones said.

The Red All-Stars shared a similar experience, with their head coach, Richard Hudson, switching up positions even in the final game.

“We were kind of sluggish at first, it’s kind of hard putting them in position because all of the kids are great athletes,” Hudson said. “Through it all I got ‘em in the right spots and I was still searching for right spots the whole game. Through the journey it’s been a great experience, this is my first year coaching so it’s been a great experience coaching All-Star and regular season.”

“It’s been a great experience coaching the All-Star Reds. What’s so special about this team is they came out and gave 100 percent every game. Every practice they came focused. Today we slipped up a little bit, but hey we came out they worked hard every game and they did a great job,” Hudson added.

Hudson thanked the parents, his staff and the recreation department for a wonderful season.

“It’s all about them. I just want to give my hats off to the kids pretty much,” Hudson said.