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Medlin signs to play softball at Belmont Abbey
Briitany Medlin signs to play softball at Belmont Abbey College. From left to right: Allison Medlin, Brittany Medlin, Jordyn Medlin, Mark Medlin.

Brittany Medlin hated softball when she started playing. Now, she’s signed her national letter of intent this past week to play softball at Belmont Abbey.

“They [Belmont Abbey] invited me up for an official visit. I’ve never heard of this college and I was like, ‘You know what, why not?’ So I went up there, I did my research first and I found out that they had a fantastic biology program and that’s what I want to major in so I was like, ‘OK. This could actually be really good,’” Medlin said. “Then when I went up there for my visit I absolutely fell in love with the campus, the surroundings, the people, the coaches, I just loved everything about it and I knew that’s where I wanted to go.”

In her senior season, Heather Wood, Eastside’s head coach, said Medlin grew a lot as a leader. She became someone people wanted to follow.

“She’s been an asset to our ball club all four years that she’s been here, but this year she really stood out. I felt like she had an outstanding senior season both offensively and defensively. She really stepped up I think as a leader for us in the outfield. I felt like she just took control out there and really served as a good leader for us and really led the way for our outfield,” Wood said.

“She’s one of those players that coaches love to coach because she’s so competitive. She has that desire to win, day-in and day-out, and always wants to get better. So we’re gonna miss her next year, she’s been a key part of our team since she’s been here so I wish her the best as she moves forward with her softball career.”

Wood says Medlin’s versatility on defense and her competitiveness are her best attributes as a player. Wood always knew she could plug holes with Medlin, who played center field, if a player were to get injured or miss a game because Medlin can play any position.

“I think she will be an outstanding asset to Belmont Abbey. I think that she’s gonna continue to grow and she’s one of those players that can play anywhere and do a great job at it. So I think her being so versatile will definitely be an asset to any college team,” Wood said. “She’ll add a lot to their lineup, absolutely on defense as well. Her being able to play anywhere I think is what college coaches look for. She’s very smart, knows the game, and I think that’s something that’ll help her as she moves forward in college.”

“Since I was young my dad pounded into my head that I needed to be able to play wherever my coach put me and I worked really hard throughout the years just standing around and learning what each position does,” Medlin said. “Learning how to handle each position just because I know when I got into college I would not know where I was going to play, it was not set. Just being able to play everywhere and not feeling nervous about it really helps me a lot.”

Medlin is no slouch on offense. She recently won Offensive Player of the Year at Eastside’s banquet after hitting .370 on the season, with 19 runs scored and 12 RBI to go along with her fielding percentage of .963. Medlin says she never thought she could win an award like that and called it a real confidence boost.

It’s been a roller coaster journey for Medlin. At first she didn’t even like the sport, then she loved it. Just when her passion started to peak in high school, Medlin injured her wrist her sophomore year, but she came back stronger than ever.

“When I started, I remember I hated it [softball],” Medlin recalls. “And then suddenly it just clicked. In middle school I was like, ‘I really love this sport.’ Through the years I’ve just had great coaches that have pushed me to be my best.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am or where I’m going without my parents, my coaches, my teammates. They’ve all helped me reach my goal.