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Covington native, Clemencia Elantouri says karate discipline helps her help others
Clemencia Karima Elantouri has allowed her early sports involvement to help her create opportunities to make impact in people's lives in various ways. - photo by Submitted Photo | The Covington News

It is no secret that the power of sports is a phenonmenon in its self.

It’s something that brings people together unlike anything else. Sometimes, however, the realm outside of the sporting world for athletes goes ignored or unnoticed. For many, the sport they play has taken completely over their lives to where it becomes the sport, or bust.

If you have ever seen the phrase “it’s more than just a game," you likely saw it after watching some emotional video of a kid with a terminal illness meeting his favorite basketball player, or a football fan with a disability scoring the first touchdown of a game.

These touching “feel good” moments remind all sport fans, that there is more to sports than the games themselves.

This often applies to those who once competed in a sport, and are now using that competitive mentality to give back to the community in various ways as well.

This is the route one local teen took, and is now utilizing multiple tactics to make a change in areas that she feels are very important.

Clemencia Karima Elantouri was once a seven-year-old girl dominating the sport of karate at Jim Fullers UMAS Karate on Salem Road in Conyers. It was at this age that she received the prestigious black belt honor after just four years of training -- a feat that got her featured in The Covington News.

Now, she’s 14, and while karate may not be a current hobby anymore, she is using the strong work ethic and competitive mentality of the sport to take her community by storm on a variety of issues she wants to help fix.

Just recently, Clemencia started a social media consulting business that educates entrepreneurs on how to use social media as a platform to elevate and market themselves and their companies.

“She discovered the need because so many adults in our family would ask her about Snapchat and Tumblr or Instagram,” her mother said. “It seems the older generation is somewhat lost when it comes to social media.”

That observation is one Elantouri took notice of while also seeing that there was a gap that needed a bridge and jumped at the opportunity, and it is already paying off in a big way as her mother stated she has already booked about ten clients despite just starting the business.

Elantouri stated she believes social media will become the top marketing tool one day soon, which is why she is very passionate about what she is doing for these entrepreneurs.

“With its insane convenience for everyone, I definitely think it will become the top marketing tool,” she said. “What’s cool about social media is that there is something out there for everyone no matter what your interests are. You can be a part of this community that shares something you believe in which makes it easier to market your target audience.”

“How could it not be the number one marketing tool?” she asked showing how strongly she feels the importance of social media in marketing is.

A typical training session is two hours and costs $50. Elantouri says she goes over multiple social media sites and shows her client the basics of each one. She recommends that if her client wants to learn more advanced use of these sites, that they book another appointment through her. She doesn’t want to overwhelm them in the first session, though, which is why she goes over stuff that is “doable” for the clients.

As if this business wasn’t enough for her for take on, Elantouri has also started a YouTube channel, one that she describes as a “Lifestyle Channel” meaning that whenever she uploads a video, it is to benefit a certain aspect of someone’s lifestyle.

“She first put out a YouTube video about depression and instantly had 100 friends reply and thank her for putting that video out,” her mother said.

“My main audience is young women aged 12 to 25, so my videos are always trying to appeal to someone that is trying to improve themselves to be a better human in the future,” Elantouri said.

As only a rising sophomore in high school, Clemencia is taking on the world via multiple platforms. When she’s not training a client, or creating a new video, she enjoys filming, which is a passion she discovered from her audio and film teacher. She also describes herself as a “business geek” noting that she reads many business books as well as checking up on current stocks, or reading the Economist daily.

“Learning something new is always very fascinating to me,” she said. “I actually do research for pleasure.”

Through all these busy activities, Elantouri noted that she had several goals for both her current business, as well as her YouTube channel, and her plans for the future.

“Well my overall goal for my social media training is to save up for this camera I really want,” she said. “It’s called the Canon G7X, Model 2, also known as the ultimate vlogging camera. I want to be able to start vlogging soon since my mom and I are always traveling and going to cool events that I think others would find exciting to see.

“YouTube wise, my all-time goal is to be able to graduate high school and be able to become a full time YouTuber, meaning making enough money to earn a decent living off it,” she said. “From there, my dream is to become an entrepreneur and start my own business.”

In terms of smaller goals, Elantouri wants each video she uploads to be better than her last, and she is wanting to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of 2017.

From a black belt in the disciplined art of karate, to the hectic everyday schedule of her many endeavors, Elantouri has made an impact in the community wherever she goes and whatever she decides to do, which could make her into a household name in the future.

Her drive and determination to create change and make a difference is inspiring and could see her lead a group of peers to amazing things.

Clemencia’s YouTube channel is “Clemencia Karima.” Appointments for her social media classes can be made by leaving your contact information at