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Some Thoughts
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Two weeks ago Fred Boscarino, Conyers-Rockdale Chamber executive, wrote an interesting column giving the details on why the proposed Employee Free Choice Act would be a disaster for local business; we agree with his assessments.

The Democrats in Congress, including the President, have been pushing with all of their might to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, which would amend the National Labor Act of 1935 - a law that helped establish the labor movement in this country.

Democrats are pushing this legislation because they owe their elections to the giant labor unions of this country.

According to the conservative Heritage Foundation, if this bill is passed, it could result in the virtual takeover of business not only by unions, but by the government itself.

The fact is that this bill potentially will affect every business that has at least two employees is a dangerous threat to free enterprise and capitalism in America.

Without both we would be no more than a completely socialist state.

Make no mistake, there is a need for some unions in this country, but they should not be given the power for their greedy leaders to bring the business community of this country to its knees.

If you agree with what we have just written, contact your Senators and Representatives right now and tell them, vote no on this legislation.
Sen. John H. Isakson (R) - (202) 224-3643 or (770) 661-0999
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R) - (202) 224-3521 or (770)763-9090
Rep. Hank Johnson (D-District 4) - (202) 225-1605, (770) 987-2291 or (770) 939-2016.