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Dear Editor: Why in this economic slump would we want to self-impose a tax? SPLOST is the only tax we have any say about. There is no evidence that the current SPLOST tax is being paid by outsiders, as was claimed. There is no clear accounting for what has been done with all the SPLOST money. There are 80 new taxes (called fees) passed by the General Assembly this year (e.g., the tanning bed tax). There is a new regional transportation plan which will call for another "voluntary" tax. Remember the state sales tax is 4%, raised to 7% by our willingness to impose taxes on ourselves. Enough! A NO vote is just to say not this year. A SPLOST bill can be reintroduced every year, but a YES vote means we have no more say in the matter until the year 2016. Remember, it’s not "just a penny." It’s a penny on every purchase, and that’s how we would voluntarily give up 75 million dollars. That’s a lot of pennies, and I am voting NO so I can keep my pennies.