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Nutrition Depot offers customers a healthy selection
When it comes to helping people create a healthy lifestyle, Tim O'Brien, owner of Nutrition Depot, is an expert. With a staff that boasts more than 40 years of experience, Nutrition Depot offers customers products to equip the body to function at its best.

"Our main focus is preventive nutrition. If we put the right nutrients in the body, we'll have the ability to fight off many different ailments that effect us," said O'Brien.
While the store is 4-and a-half years old, O'Brien is not new to the nutrition business.

"I was with a large nutrition center for 10 years and ended up deciding to get out of the franchise to open my own shop," O'Brien said.

The move gave him the chance to offer his customers a large selection natural products and more flexible pricing to his customers.

Located on Dogwood Drive across from the Home Depot and PetSmart, Nutrition Depot boasts natural products, from supplements to teas, to help customers build health-focused lifestyle.

While different forms of his products can be found at the big-box retailers and other mainstream establishments, O'Brien said when it comes to health, it's not just about the products you buy, but about how those products are made.

"The natural form of a multivitamin is the foundation of any regimen of health," said O'Brien. "The difference between what you find on my shelf and what you find in the grocery store is natural versus synthetic."

O'Brien said synthetic vitamins have an extremely low absorption rate while the natural version has a 100 percent absorption rate, which maximizes the benefit to consumers.

"We make certain that what you're using will have a specific benefit to your health," said O'Brien.

In addition to the natural products and supplements, Nutrition Depot also has a smoothie bar set up in the store.

"We use 100 percent real fruit and 100 percent real fruit juice. We don't use any artificial flavors or syrup," said O'Brien.

The smoothie bar features drinks that meet a variety of health needs, including drinks that provide customers with the same nutrition as eight - 10 servings of vegetables and five servings of fruit, and those that serve as meal replacements.

To make healthy living even more affordable for customers, O'Brien offers the Platinum Club card, where customers can save 20 percent on products on any day they choose.

"It's easy for anyone to come in and get what they need," O'Brien said. "We make sure anyone who comes in can leave improving their health and improving
their life."