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The Church as the Bride of Christ
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In Ephesians 2:19, Paul tells us that we are members of God’s household. That means we are the family of God. The church is composed of everyone, everywhere, who has turned away from their sins and trusted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and are walking in a daily relationship of obedience to him and his word. Just as our individual family members are different from one another, so there is great diversity in the family of God. We are many, yet we are one family.

As the family of God, we have:

1. Our relationship with our heavenly Father.

As our father, we are his offspring, his seed, his children. We have been spiritually re-born and adopted in his wonderful family. (See John 1:10-13) No one is born of natural descent into the family of God. We are "born again" into his family (See John 3:6-7).

As our father, he gave his only Son to be our savior, paying the price for our sins and showing the great love he has for us. God created us for fellowship with himself.

As our father, he is our provider and sustainer. Every breath we draw; every blessing we receive; every good we derive in life, comes directly or indirectly from our heavenly Father.

As our father, he is our teacher and authority on moral, spiritual and life-issues. He so desperately wants us to follow his guidance, listen and learn from his teachings and live a life of purpose, on purpose.

As our father, he is the one who disciplines us when we need it. When we discipline our children, it is not because we hate them, but because we love them. The discipline is for their own good and to teach them a valuable lesson. So it is spiritually.

2. Our relationship with our brothers and sisters in the family of God.

All Christians are spiritually related. We are part of the same universal family. As such, we need to deeply love one another; pray for, support, encourage, and bear one another’s burdens; hold one another accountable; do good and help one another; pull together; protect the family against anyone or anything who would bring hurt or division to the family; and grow in fellowship, instruction, and worship. A good word that describes the family of God is the word "together." We experience life together; we laugh, cry, pray, learn, grow, experience joys and sorrows, and fellowship together on this journey.

3. Our relationship with those outside the family of God.

The primary mission of the church is still for those outside the family. Just as it is normal for families to have children, it is just as natural for the spiritual family of God to birth new family members into it. There is still plenty of room in the family.

Are you part of this great big family of God? If so, you know the blessings and benefits of it. If not, you can be right now. With God’s help, turn away from your sins and pray and ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins, to come into your heart and to be your personal savior. In faith, trust him to save you. He will do it. He will graciously adopt you into this great family of God. Find a Bible-based church and get involved with the family. Welcome to the family of God.