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Matching your life
Covington Christian Churchs ministries integrate into parishioners daily lives
Located off US Highway 146, Covington Christian Church has been serving East Newton County for 46 years. - photo by Samantha Reardon/The Covington News


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North Ga Christian camp, as needed ministries

A growth spurt is in effect in East Newton County. A roundabout is going to be constructed at the intersection of 142 and 278. Baxter is under construction.

The construction of more homes, neighborhoods and businesses is a real possibility. And Covington Christian Church could not be more optimistic.

“We recognize a lot of our neighbors aren’t too happy about that,” said Pastor Tim Bolen of the changes industry will bring to the church’s neighborhood. “But we’re trying to embrace the good that’s going to come from it because we know that it’s inevitable that they’re going to do this.”

He described Covington Christian as a “young family church.” Parishioners’ ages range from one to 96, and there are always a lot of kids.

“Since we attract young families with children, people new to the community don’t know who they can trust their kids to play with, and church is a great way to make those kinds of connections,” Bolen said.

Covington Christian began operating out of a trailer 46 years ago. The church’s congregation is now about 150 people, and the church buildings grew to fit.

The non-denominational contemporary church holds Sunday service at 11 a.m. each Sunday, where Bolen said casual attire is appropriate and appearance is not a priority.

“We kind of do life together in multiple ways here,” Bolen said.

One way the parish connects is through its twice-monthly family gatherings. Bolen described them as the “garage door of the church.” Church members meet at a family’s home and share a meal, pray and get to know each other.

“It’s hard to get to know someone on a Sunday morning between songs or before the service starts,” Bolen said. “So it’s a way of really deepening the connections in the church.”

The church’s youth softball league is one of the Covington Christian’s flagship ministries. In its 22nd year, the Newton Christian Youth Softball League (NCYSL) provides a league for about 200-250 children between the ages of 4 and 16.

The church also has men’s softball and basketball teams and a co-ed softball league. Bolen said the church tries to meet its congregation’s needs by providing them with ministries they can integrate into their lives.

“We try to provide things that are relevant to the family, but at the same time are practical,” Bolen said.

“We’re trying to raise our kids, start families and have healthy marriages,” he continued.

Bolen started at Covington Christian six years ago. He previously preached at his former church in Columbus for nine years. He is also a licensed counselor who provides services to church members.

“We’re generous to people in our church who have fell on hard times. We try to do our best to take care of people in our own community,” Bolen said.