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STRICKLAND: Week Six under the Gold Dome
Brian Strickland
District 17 State Sen. Brian Strickland - photo by Special Photo

We are officially more than halfway through the 2024 Legislative Session. I am proud to share that we are delivering for Georgians by cutting red tape, maintaining our stellar budget, protecting law enforcement officers and pushing back against hate. While we have enjoyed a robust first half of legislative work, plenty of meaningful work lies ahead before the conclusion of the legislative session. The job doesn’t end upon adjournment, however. Serving the 17th Senate District is a full-time job; and the job remains my greatest honor.

Throughout this past week, I remained dedicated to advancing various pieces of legislation aimed at benefiting our constituents. Senate Bill 454 successfully navigated through the Senate Committee on Judiciary on Thursday. SB 454 proposes revisions to the factors and methods utilized in calculating child support. Notably, this bill seeks to redefine the custodial parent as the one with whom the child resides for more than 50 percent of the time. I commend the committee members for their diligence in passing this crucial bill.

Furthermore, Senate Bill 283, known as the “Pregnancy Protection Act,” aims to provide reasonable accommodations to both job applicants and employees in circumstances related to pregnancy and childbirth. This bill prioritizes the well-being of pregnant women by offering accommodations such as extended or more frequent breaks, time off for childbirth recovery and medical appointments, and adjustments to workplace equipment for increased comfort. Safeguarding the rights and welfare of women and children in our state is of paramount importance to me and many others. I am gratified to have shepherded this bill through the committee process and eagerly anticipate its passage on the floor in the near future.

My colleagues and I proudly joined Governor Brian P. Kemp on the North Steps of the State Capitol to officially announce that the Georgia National Guard would be sending additional troops to help fortify our country’s southern border. Under the leadership of our current President, our southern border is a growing disaster. Our federal lawmakers continue to look the other way and take no action, while southern states are further inundated by illegal immigrants. At the same time, lethal drugs are pouring across our border every day, leading to drug overdoses and eternally broken families. Many who come across our border illegally are small children which directly affects Georgia’s foster care system. While Georgia does not touch our nation’s northern or southern borders, every state under Joe Biden’s America is now what I would consider a border state. Your State Senate does not support the continuation of these actions, and I am thankful that our body chose to stand for further border control across the United States.

This week, I was proud to support a few pieces of bipartisan Senate legislation, such as Senate Bill 426. This measure addresses an aspect of tort reform by limiting the ability of plaintiffs to sue motor carriers and their insurers simultaneously. As we continue to prioritize workforce development, it’s essential that we prioritize tort reform. Too many current laws make it easy to file frivolous lawsuits that increase costs for insurance companies and, in turn, needlessly limit economic opportunity across our state. By limiting certain lawsuits, we incentivize future entrepreneurs to open their own small business.

As always, I want to invite students between the ages of 12 and 18 to serve as a Capitol Page. This program encourages Georgia’s next generation of great leaders to participate in the legislative process by providing a front-row seat to a day’s work in the Georgia Senate. Many of our current legislators participated in this program and first became interested in serving Georgia citizens because of their time spent as a Capitol Page. I encourage any students interested in the legislative process who want to spend a day at our Capitol to apply for our program using the link:

Please never hesitate to contact my office if I can assist with legislative matters. I hope to see you under the Gold Dome soon as the 2024 Legislative Session continues.

Sen. Brian Strickland serves as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary. He represents the 17th Senate District which includes all of Morgan and portions of Henry, Newton and Walton County. Sen. Strickland may be reached by phone at  404.463.6598 or by email at