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Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill this week that would require people applying for welfare in Georgia to pass a drug test before they can receive benefits.

Simply put, we agree with the bill.

Welfare, and any aid, from the state is a benefit that was put in place to temporarily help the needy until a person or family, through their efforts, can sustain themselves again.

We think such programs are a good thing and don't mind paying taxes to help a neighbor who is down on their luck.

However, welfare was not designed to provide for a perpetual way of life to be abused by those hooked on drugs or other substances, and we don't believe those people should be subsidized by the decent taxpayers of Georgia.

If anyone thinks it's wrong to take a drug test before accepting free money, tough.

There are many people who have to take drug tests in order to maintain their regular job, so we don't think it's unfair to ask it of those receiving government aid.

We hope bills like this are a step in the right direction that will ensure hard earned tax money is not distributed to people who aren't willing, if able, to put themselves in a position. We want people to get back on their feet so they too can someday contribute to the tax base and help other deserving people get back to work and help Georgia remain a place where a majority of people work for a living instead of begging for one.