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Porterdale council
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The Porterdale city council finally managed to get its act together last night when all of its members showed up at the appointed meeting time.

For the last couple of regularly scheduled meetings, different members of the council have refused to attend for various, petty reasons. Because of this childish behavior, the council has not been able to field a quorum in order to approve a new budget for the city to operate with.

Budgets tend to be pretty important things. This behavior is not only childish, but disgraceful.

We do not - nor will we ever - understand why anybody would run for public office and not give 100 percent of their time to perform the duties they were elected to perform.

With this New Year, we hope that the duly elected officials of Porterdale will actually show some maturity and do their best for the citizens of the community to keep the city solvent and working.

If this problem continues to surface, the voters of Porterdale should try again. Throw out the children that represent them, and start with some fresh faces.