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Our thoughts... Unchained melody
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The county BOC also is considering passing an anti-tethering ordinance.

We think it’s atrocious that they even have to consider passing such an ordinance in our county.

Dogs are considered man’s best friend whether your dog is a working dog or just a family pet. To tie him up and leave him chained in an open area with no access to food and water of any kind on any day, much less an extremely hot or cold one, is inhumane and borderline sinful. Dogs are not merely alarm systems for your home, and anyone who thinks they are should not be allowed to own one.

If the BOC does pass this ordinance, they might have the punishment be that the owner of the animal must sit tethered in rain, sleet or snow.

With such a punishment the anti-tethering ordinance wouldn’t have to stay on the books for very long.