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Our Thoughts... Bad timing
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The Covington City Council approved the first reading of the city’s intent to raise natural gas rates, water rates and garbage collection fees for the residents of the city of Covington.

City Utilities Director Bill Meecham said the city needs to raise its natural gas rate because the rate has remained unchanged since 2004.

The United States is currently in a severe recession as well as a period of deflationary pricing. Both consumers and businesses have extreme difficulty raising their income levels during deflationary times.

Meecham stated that the city has passed on the cost of natural gas charges to residents all along. However, has not increased the city’s profit margin during this period. Is this really the time to increase profit margins? We would encourage the city to raise rates only as a last resort and to consider any and all cost-saving measures during this period of hardship.

The last thing home and business owners of our city need now is an increase in utility rates.

It’s not too late to talk to your councilman, to express your concerns. Below is their contact information.

Mayor Kim Carter

H: (770) 786-9950

John Howard

H: (770) 786-7349

W: (770) 385-7020

Keith Dalton

H: (770) 786-5591

Ocie Franklin

H: (770) 786-3158

Michael Whatley

H: (770) 786-4848

Janet Goodman

H: (770) 786-7639

Hawnethia Williams

H: (770) 786-4188