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Our Thoughts: All of our content has equal value
Our Thoughts - OPINON

The Covington News has been a trusted community news source for almost 152 years. The news business has certainly changed over that time and we have seen our share of changes.

We are a weekly printed newspaper. We are also an instant news source that is online every day. We deliver to your doorstep by carrier, to your inbox by email and to your mobile device by social media.

We have seen the increase in readership engage over the last year. Our online contests have skyrocketed. Our Facebook interaction has sparked lively dialogue. Our website numbers prove that you, our readers, still turn to us for local (truly local) news. And for that we thank you.

We continually aim to provide you content that you desire as well as content you need. We continually adjust and tweak our method to provide the best product, regardless of delivery method.

And yes, we continually monitor our numbers (and your comments) to make sure we are meeting our own high standards.

However, we also must protect the unique content you seek and enjoy. And the staff that produces it.

Whether you’re reading this in the Sunday edition of The Covington News or online at, you were required to pay to see it in some sort of way. Historically, how much you had to pay has varied depending on the platform. That will change Tuesday, Aug. 1.

As of that date, subscriptions for our online content will be the same price as the print publication. At the cost of $52 a year or $5 a month online readers will see an increase in subscription costs.

While we understand increasing the price is going to be an unpopular change, we also feel that our content is worth it.

Our website is updated daily with new content. Some of that content doesn’t even make its way into the weekly print publication because of space. With a subscription, you have unlimited access to all of that.

The Covington News has also historically offered five free article reads per month. That will also change. As we continue to see value in our content, we are reducing that number to two. Starting Aug. 1, non-subscribers on will only be able to access two articles free of charge.

For all current online-only subscribers, an increase will be seen on your next recurring bill. If you selected a year-long subscription, you will not see the increase until that year lapses. However, if you pay monthly, the increase will be implemented at the beginning of the next month.

We’ve used the analogy before and we’ll use it again, you cannot go into McDonald’s and get a free hamburger, however in this analogy we’re giving you five free hamburgers a month before asking you to pay. That has got to change.

If you think we don’t appreciate food or the food analogy, you are mistaken. We love our food and we are currently offering a deal for all food-lovers. If you decide to subscribe, the month of July has some special perks available for you. We are currently offering a free Marco’s pizza for a six-month subscription and two free pizzas for a year-long subscription. That offer expires July 31.

Anyone interested in learning more about our subscriptions may contact the circulation department at 770-728-1414.

Anyone interested in providing content or story ideas may contact the news department at  

We need subscribers (and advertisers) like you to help us provide this community with the local, consistent coverage that it deserves. Regardless of how you access our content, you, as our readers, are why we do what we do and, for that, we thank you.