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Our thoughts... Airport flying high
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We have stated previously that we agree with the actions that the city of Covington has taken in revitalizing the Covington Airport.

Having this airport and having it be multifunctional puts us heads above other local counties vying for new business, commerce we all need to jump start the economy.

That extra effort by the city is beginning to pay off: There has been some major interest by a plane manufacturing company to locate near our airport. Read about it at

This is exactly the clean type of industry that we need to hit the ground running as our economy improves.

We congratulate city officials for their efforts in attracting interest from such an industry.

There was one disappointing note as the city council voted to approve city Manager Steve Horton’s proposal on moving forward.

That was the "no" vote Councilwoman Hawnethia Williams cast against this proposal.

Her decision makes no economical sense to us.

This is not the first time that the councilwoman for no apparent reason has voted against a project that would bring prosperity to our city.

We would suggest that if the councilwoman has a good reason to not be on board with a decision that benefits the citizens of Covington, that she clearly explain her position to the voters, and not just throw up roadblocks.