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Occupy Wall Street
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The right to assemble and protest in this country is a sacred right that has been passed down through generations and won by the blood of patriots.

The groups of undisciplined malcontents that are currently occupying Wall Street, Atlanta and other major cities across the nation are the recipients of this great blessing: the power to form and protest.

There hasn't been a lot of accurate coverage of this group from our mainstream media, who over the years have stretched truths to represent their own views and have themselves forgotten the principles of true journalism. From their Occupy Wall Street reports we receive nothing but a mix of un-truths and falsehoods

As for the protestors themselves, some of their demands are, at best, absurd. Among them is having their college debts absolved.

It alarms us to see groups like the Nazi Party, the Communist Party and the socialist party endorse and work with this unruly mob. They may not represent the movement as a whole, but as none of the other protestors have denounced these groups, we have to assume they are OK to call these groups their allies.

Yesterday we heard a person who said that they worked for the Los Angeles unified school district, who just happened to be an African American, claiming that Jews have destroyed America and should be driven out of our country.

This rhetoric comes right out of the pages of Hitler's "Mein Kampf," the blueprint for the creation of the Nazi party in Germany in the early 1930s.

We lost hundreds of thousands of our bravest young people in trying to destroy that wicked concept.

We do endorse free speech and the right to assemble, but this group has no idea what that concept really means.

The baby boomer generation has spawned some major disappointments in its generation of leadership in our country; these groups might be the worst.