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Message received
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There comes a time in your life as a business manager when you have to look at a decision you might have made because you thought it was good for the bottom line and just fess up and say it was wrong.

Two years ago we made a decision to eliminate a long newspaper tradition of providing Sunday comics. We based that decision on the thought that people were tired of reading comics. We trusted the entire country’s perception because the national polls told us people weren’t interested in them anymore. It also made sense for us financially as the move saved us a major printing cost.

Since then, our readers have expressed their displeasure that we made such a decision. We’ve heard the outcry. We received the message.

In an effort to extract ourselves from behind the proverbial woodshed, we have listened. Sunday comics will return to The Covington News. Look for the date of their return soon on the front page of the paper.

We want to thank each of you who cared enough to share your thoughts on our decision.  We promise in the future, before we mess with tradition of the 146-year-old News, we will spend more time doing our homework.

Mea culpa.