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Help protect police
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We regularly see our local police officers on the side of our roads and highways, talking to motorists or handing out traffic violations. And when we do, we cringe when we see cars whiz by at high speeds.

As a driver, you are legally bound to avoid driving in the lane nearest the officer, if at all possible. The rules are there to offer other patrolmen safety as they carry out their duty.

Officers have enough worries every time they have to approach an unknown car without having to be overly distracted by cars passing by too closely.

Last week, a Covington police officer working the late shift had his patrol car struck from behind on U.S. Highway 278 at 1:45 a.m. The patrol car was pushed 40 feet.

The driver Conson Wilson Starr, was charged with driving under the influence and following too close.
Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom said the police car was totaled.

We were fortunate that Officer Bob Yarbrough was not severely injured.

First of all, don't drink and drive, but secondly, be mindful of state laws that were passed to protect our emergency and law enforcement officials as well as pedestrians and owners of disabled cars.