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There's something school systems across the country (but not ours) have been decrying across the country. They call it a "waste of time" and "useless." No, they're not talking about standardized testing, they're talking about Halloween.

We think that's poppycock. The age old tradition of trick-or-treating has been something that kids and parents have enjoyed for ages.

One of our special treats at the Covington News is to celebrate this tradition with decorations and special treats (and tricks!) for our staff.

This Monday night is the time for our local trick-or-treaters to hit the roads to load up on their special goodies given by kind homeowners.

We don't believe it hurts to allow our children to participate in tradition and possibly indulge with sweet treats once a year. Say what you will about children eating too much sugar, we'll give it a pass this time. Just be sure they brush their teeth afterwards.

In order to keep our young people safe from things bigger than plaque, Sheriff Ezell Brown has offered these suggestions:

Older children should take friends when trick-or-treating.
Younger children should have parents with them.

Children and adults should wear reflective clothing.
Check any goodies received before the youngsters enjoy it.

If everyone stays alert and enjoys the moment, Halloween can continue to remain an intrigal part of our American culture for generations to come.

We'll leave you with one of our favorite Halloween poems:

Backward, turn backward,
O Time, in your flight
make me a child again
just for to-night!
~Elizabeth Akers Allen