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Growth in Oxford
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While our economy is currently in the lurch, it's not a bad idea to prepare for the time in the (hopefully) near future when things begin to pick back up. We ran an article in Sunday's paper discussing Oxford's plans to prepare for future growth.

The city changed some of their local zonings in August to allow for a potential Town Center commercial zone on Emory Street. The zone stretches from the community building to the new city hall, with the post office in the center.

The zoning is careful to make sure new construction would match the aesthetics of the town by limiting their height and width.

You can see the article on, along with an artist's representation of what the new development might look like.

It's wise for the city to invest in its infrastructure right now, particularly when so many other cities in Georgia are scaling back all their development efforts. This leaves Oxford poised to snap up new businesses that spring up when the economy finally recovers.