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Go vote
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You’ll see on these pages today editorials and letters advocating both for and against the SPLOST that’s set to come up for a vote on Tuesday.

Read, them, consider them and educate yourself. We’ve been trying to help in that regard, presenting regular reports on various components of SPLOST, including our report on Page 1 today. You can find a package of our SPLOST reports at

Come Tuesday, it’s up to you. Go vote.

We’re at a crossroads in Newton County and it’s up to you to determine which direction we take.

Like many of you, we’ve been reluctant supporters of this SPLOST, put off by some of its unnecessary projects.

But it simply makes sense to continue collection of this penny-on-the-dollar fee. It pays-down debt, provides funds for much-needed infrastructure such as roads and improved emergency room facilities. Vote yes and you can head off cuts to government services and property tax hikes.

So head to your precinct on Tuesday and do the right thing for Newton County: Vote "Yes" for SPLOST.