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Fresh faces
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In Sunday's edition, we included a 24-page special section titled The Faces of Newton County. On its pages were the stories of 12 individuals who embody Newton County. Some of them were recognized for their contributions to the education of our community's youth while others were showcased for their social involvement.

This publication is an annual celebration of sorts. It's an opportunity for this newspaper to honor people in Newton County who may otherwise go unnoticed. Every one of these 12 individuals deserves credit for making Newton County a better place to live. Of course it's never easy narrowing the field to just 12 as there are so many more out there whose stories deserved to be told.

When you live in a community as diverse and wholesome as we do, you hear of daily examples of kindness. Those are stories, like the 12 we spotlighted Sunday, we love to tell. They capture the personality of Newton County. We thank you 12 and the many more out there who improve the spirit of our community. It's faces like yours that make Newton County a special place to live.