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Dont tolerate inaction
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 It was just two weeks ago that people here in Georgia were mad, frustrated and distraught because of the lack of gas.

 Today there are no lines, gas is the cheapest it’s been in a year and people are smiling.

 Ah, the American people, how easy we forget and how easy it is for us to slip right into the same rut we were in before the latest crisis in our lives subsided.

 Now is the time we should be pressuring our legislators and government officials to come up with a plan to make sure a crisis like the recent gas shortage doesn’t happen again.

 This past gas dilemma, of course, was brought on by Mother Nature. We certainly have learned over the years that we are never going to control Mother Nature.

 But, we can control our elected officials. In this last crisis, our governor and members of the Georgia general assembly dropped the ball.

 We cannot let them do that to us again.

 You can make a difference — contact your state representatives and tell them you will not tolerate their inaction in the future. You might tell them if they are not capable of coming up with plans to help us during the next crisis we might encounter, that you will vote for someone who will.