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Dangerous crossings
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Last week a Snellville man lost his life when he reportedly pulled out of Cowan road off of Ga. Hwy. 81 into the path of a tractor trailer, just feet away from the entrance of Livingston Elementary school. We are sorry to see anyone lose their lives on our highways, but the fact that this dangerous intersection is right at the school is worrisome.

Fortunately this accident didn't happen earlier when children were leaving school. We went out to the area Friday to observe the accident scene. The speed at which cars traveled down Hwy. 81 in both directions was plain unnerving. Newton County has a number of dangerous intersections and this is one of them.

In the coming weeks we will look into these bad intersections for a report to publish in March. It's past time to come up with plans to improve our roadways and to make them safer.

If you know an intersection that is dangerous, please send a picture of it to our news staff at We'll run it for the cause if printable. We'll start with our picture of this intersection. It's a real death trap.