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County needs your input
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Newton County Commissioners are at work on a budget for the next fiscal year.

They face some hard decision.

A continued slide in the tax base and cutbacks in state funding means commissioners will be hard pressed to find funds to pay for even the most basic of governmental services.

There are two things we know for sure that the voters of this county want: No more taxes and no more cuts in services.

Unfortunately, in order to balance the budget, something's going to have to give.

It seems to us that it's coming down to this one choice: Do we accept a tax increase, or lose some of our services?
Commissioners need to know your priorities. What do you want from county government?

We suggest that you talk with your district commissioner. Let them know how you feel and give them some guidance.
Call (678) 625-1200, or see

Whichever way we go, make it your choice.