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Community Food Pantry
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Rosalee Thompson has been running the Community Food Pantry for 25 years, and the remarkable woman was appropriately honored Sunday by friends, colleagues and Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston, who read a proclamation in her honor.

Thompson and others like her who dedicate their time to helping life's less fortunate are true heroes. They don't get much publicity, other than a front page story for their 25th anniversary of course, and yet day after day they spend their time either serving others or soliciting donations, two humbling tasks.

Behind so many of our successful nonprofit leaders is a strong network of churches, and the Community Food Pantry has continued to be supported by founding members First Presbyterian Church and Bethlehem Baptist Church.

First Presbyterian pastor Rev. Billy Wade put on Sunday's celebration and thanked Thompson for her continued dedication. We want to echo those sentiments and wish Ms. Thompson another successful 25-year run.