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We've had plenty of good things to say in the past about Porterdale councilwoman Arlene Chapman. The current mayoral candidate has served her city faithfully for years.

She recently visited a convenience store in Porterdale after receiving complaints from some of her constituents, who had voiced concerns the store was breaking the law by selling perceived drug paraphernalia and adult magazines.

After leaving the store, Chapman was apparently unhappy with what the store sold, and was displeased with its manager. She then did what has been the downfall of many politicians across the country; she posted her personal feelings on her Facebook page.

Her comment drew complaints from several members of the community, particularly those who took exception to the manager being referred to as a "foreign thug."

Ms. Chapman certainly has a right as a private citizen to make her comments, but as an elected official we feel she crossed the line.

The store manager is allowed to sell whatever he wants in his store as long as he obeys the law (our original article stated he was in accordance with the law) and is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Ms. Chapman and other folks might not like what the store offers for sale, that certainly is their right, but if they do not like what the store sells, it's their prerogative to not shop there.

We have a myriad of problems in this country in dealing with interpretation of our constitution. By minimizing the first amendment rights, we would fast lead to the downfall of our society

If elected to the position of Mayor of Porterdale it would be Ms. Chapman's duty and responsibility to protect her constituent's rights - whether she agrees or disagrees with what they chose to sell in their place of business.