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Recently, there has been much discussion on how the county has let out its bids for contracted services.

As you’ll see in today’s paper, there appears to be continued disagreement over how the lawn maintenance bid was handled, though we’ll rarely every be against regularly and fairly bidding out contracts, which is what will happen there.However, there was also concern on another bid for scrap metal purchasing, which was awarded to Porterdale-based LB Recycling and Waste Services.

The reasons bids are taken to begin with is to ensure that cronyism and nepotism are avoided, the best price is secured and that the best company available is doing the work.

Price is not and should not be the sole reason to choose a company; the ability to do the work as promised and on time is just as important of a factor.

In the case of LB Recycling, we have a company that boldly said it would beat any other bid by paying 2 percent more. Based on the reaction of county officials, we assume such a bid hasn’t been tried before here in Newton County.

As far as we know, LB Recycling is a reputable local company, so the reason they were awarded the bid is because they offered to pay the highest price for scrap metal.

County attorney Tommy Craig said he found nothing illegal about LB Recycling’s bid, therefore, we offer congratulations on an enterprising bid strategy.

We suspect that in the future, more companies might follow LB’s risky strategy, though we wonder what will happen if two or more companies both promise to beat the high or low bids by a certain percentage. We suggest the county look into the matter further and prepare themselves for such an eventuality. In the meantime, enjoy the higher price you’ll get for scrap metal.