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Be careful
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Most of us here in Newton County obey the laws, but there will always be a percentage that doesn't.

Reviewing a single day's jail log, we saw 62 citations printed in The News, including seven people who were charged with driving on a suspended license.

At a glance, we don't know what these people did to lose their license in the first place, but we know it must have been pretty severe. The fact they have no respect for the laws, which resulted in their driving privileges being taken away, is obvious.

Further, that disrespect makes them feel entitled to drive on our roads and put our families and children in danger.

This disrespect for their fellow man is appalling.

We saw all this to to remind each of you, who try your best to abide by the laws and be cautious in your driving habits, to use even more caution.

If you know someone, whether a family or friend, who is driving without a state-issued license, don't just shrug your shoulders. Report them to local law enforcement officials. That action may save a family; it could even be yours.