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Baxter International
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We have often written about the light at the end of the tunnel in regard to our struggling financial straits here in Newton County.

The announcement that Baxter International, a Fortune 500 company, has chosen Stanton Springs to build a plant that will employ up to 1,500 people means much more to us than even the arrival of the Baxter company itself.

Having an industry like Baxter, which deals in medical supplies and has been in business since the ‘30s, opens up the door for future growth and progress and puts us on a fast track to attract other major industries.

Newton County, through the efforts of some smart and dedicated people, is positioned to accommodate and welcome any business that wishes to locate here.

Although we won't feel the full effects of Baxter's operation until 2018, the work involved in developing the project should produce immediate cash flow spikes for some of our local business.

We welcome Baxter International to our community. We are certain that over time the leadership and employees of the company will find this to be a gracious place to do business and to have their employees call home.