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COGGIN: An Expression of Thanks
abigail coggin

Current Newton County Schools Board of Education Chair and District 5 representative Abigail Coggin submitted the following op-ed to The Covington News.

This week, my Board colleagues and I were pleased to see that the citizens of Newton County reaffirmed their ongoing support for our school district, our leadership, and our brilliant students by passing E-SPLOST 2025. I, too, am one of those citizens - as I enjoy the great fortune of being a mom, an elected official, and an engaged community member. So, my supportive vote for this E-SPLOST reflects the multiple hats that I wear and the perspective that I bring from my experience as a legacy resident of our county.

As has been the case with previous E-SPLOST programs, E-SPLOST 6 aims to provide sorely needed renovations and facility enhancements for our schools while also providing improved environments for students to learn, grow, and become the best versions of themselves.

Every aspect of E-SPLOST 2025 is aligned with our district’s Comprehensive Improvement Plan which ensures that resources are used for enhancing students’ educational experience. Your vote of confidence toward this effort is a testament to our shared vision of creating a brighter future for Newton County. But let me also add that as we prepare to implement this E-SPLOST program, we must always keep an eye out on the future. We must continue to ask ourselves, “are we adequately preparing our young people to have access and be competitive in their pursuits – and do our investitures match that desire.”

As Superintendent Bradley has stated, we are in a race to the future – one that will become increasingly competitive, technologically advanced, and globally centered. The world that our young people will inhabit as adults will look different than the world that they live in today. Our school district must not only confront this reality, but be responsive to it. And so it is vital that each of our schools and the resources that we supply, be aligned to the outcomes that we desire. This will not only take ongoing support, but a common vision for the future – and passing this E-SPLOST is most certainly a step in the right direction.

On behalf of Newton County Schools, I extend my heartfelt thanks to each voter who participated in this important decision. Your continued support fuels our mission to provide quality education and opportunities for every student. Together, we are building a stronger, brighter future for Newton County.

Abigail Coggin is the chair of the Newton County Schools Board of Education. She can be reached at