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BELTON: Hamas is the real enemy
Belton, Dave
State Rep. Dave Belton

Six months ago this week, Hamas terrorists – backed by Iran – perpetrated the worst single day of racist violence against Jews in our lifetime.

Yet, “While the dead bodies of Jewish Israelis were still warm, while hundreds of Jewish Israelis were being carried as hostages back to Hamas tunnels under Gaza, Jewish Americans were alarmed to see some of our fellow citizens characterize a brutal terrorist attack as justified,” said Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer. “A vicious, bloodcurdling, premeditated massacre of innocent men, women, children, the elderly—justified!”

When America was attacked at Pearl Harbor, no one thought the Japanese were justified. Nor did they ask FDR for a cease-fire.

When the Taliban perpetrated the horror of 9/11, no one asked the US for a cease-fire.

Instead, our allies joined us in just cause, to wipe out the murderers.

Yet, in terms of population, October the 7th was far worse for Israel than either of those attacks – with a death toll equivalent to over 60,000 Americans.

Worse, Hamas – still – holds hundreds of women and children as hostages in underground dungeons – many of them Americans.

Yet, most on the Left say that Hamas is the victim, and that Israel is to blame for the slaughter of her citizens.

And many are asking for a ceasefire.

Well, there was a ceasefire…6 months ago.

That ceasefire was broken when Hamas started their barbaric campaign of raping Jewish women while cooking their live babies in ovens. They massacred over 1200 innocent Jews, wounded another 3400, and took around 250 hostages in the worst day since the Holocaust.

Some 150 of those hostages are still being held prisoner in dungeons below Gaza.

And many of those hostages are Americans.

Let me say that again…

Americans are being held hostage – today – in dungeons – by Hamas.

What is Biden doing about it?

I’m old enough to remember the horrible days of Jimmy Carter; the humiliation of seeing American hostages being held for over a year by Iran.

Thanks to Biden, those days of shame are here again.

The Media and the Left continually demand that Israel stop this war.

Yet, it is Hamas who has the hostages. If they wanted peace, they would free the Americans and the Israeli’s that they are imprisoning.

But instead of suing for peace, the leader of Hamas promises even more bloodshed, vowing that October 7th will happen “again and again” until Israel is “annihilated.”

The Media and the Left continually accuse Israel of creating a humanitarian crisis.

Yet, they conveniently forget that Egypt could shelter all the Palestinian civilians – today – by letting them cross their shared borders.

Why don’t they?

The truth is, for all their talk of solidarity, Egypt and the rest of the Arab League would rather watch Palestinians suffer in a war-zone than let them temporarily cross their borders.

Yes, Israel mistakenly and tragically hit a group of 7 aide workers last week.

But Israel apologized for the mistake, and immediately punished the commanders who authorized it.

Hamas has never apologized for their brutal attack.

Rather, they celebrate it. The leader of Hamas claims his atrocities are “justified”, saying, “We are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”

And we must remember that America also made similar a mistake, killing 10 innocent women and children in a drone strike after 13 US soldiers were murdered during the disaster in Afghanistan. No one in the Biden administration was ever punished, even 3 years later.

Biden should stop pressuring Israelis to stop defending themselves.

Rather, he should pressure Hamas to surrender the hostages.

He should pressure Egypt to allow Palestinian civilians to cross into their border.

And he should pressure Iran to stop their ongoing attacks on commercial shipping and US soldiers.

Dave Belton is a former state representative for District 112, which includes portions of Morgan and Newton counties.