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Y board chair and vice-chair are named
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The executive team for the Covington Y has spoken, and the new board chairman and vice-chairman for the next two years are Layla Zon and Bob Stansfield, both active members of the Y for several years.

Chosen by the executive team of the Y, which is made up of the current board chair, two past board chairs and the executive director, Zon and Stansfield had expressed a desire to help lead the board in the past, which contributed to their appointment, according to Covington Y executive director Louly Hay-Kapp.

Zon and Stansfield will guide and consult with the Y staff in decision making, assist with fundraising and guide and lead the board of management for the Y. Although terms may vary, according to Hay-Kapp, generally the chairman will serve two years and typically the vice-chair will then become chair.

"As a member of the Covington Y and as a member of the board for several years, I look forward to serving as board chair," said Zon. "The Y is a vital part of our community. Our local Y is a synergy that brings individuals, families and the community together for the betterment of ourselves individually and for the betterment of Newton County. The Y is not just a gym with classes, equipment and a pool, but instead the Y has a mission to foster youth development, improve the physical health of our community and to invest in the future of Newton County. I believe the YMCA makes Newton County a better place to live," she said.

"Layla and Bob have been very active volunteers and members of the Y and board of management for six-plus years and have great vision for our future strengthening this community," said Hay-Kapp.
"They both fully understand and support the mission of the Y and what it means for our community."