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Woman claims to be professional drinker
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Despite assuring officers that she was a "professional drinker" a 57-year-old woman was arrested on Feb. 14 for DUI.

According to reports officers from the Covington Police Department noticed a vehicle a little after 4 a.m. travelling in the southbound lane of Emory Street. The car stopped at the railroad crossing that had no stop sign, and then continued on Emory, reportedly swerving back and forth in the lane. The vehicle allegedly crossed the fog line with its passenger side tires which is when the officer activated his patrol lights and stopped the car.

The driver, identified as Martha Jordan Rogers, stopped her vehicle at the intersection of Emory and Washington Street. When the officer approached her vehicle he indicated that she appeared agitated and demanded to know why she was being stopped. When the officer told her that she was being stopped because of a failure to maintain her lane of travel and asked for her license, Rogers reportedly told the officer that was a lie and she had never left her lane of travel while driving.

Reports indicate that Rogers' eyes were bloodshot and glassy. She allegedly told the officer that she did not have her license with her. When she identified herself, the officer reported that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from her breath.
When asked if she'd had anything alcoholic to drink, Rogers reportedly said, "Yeah, but I'm a professional drinker and I know when I have had too much to drink. I'm not drunk." At this point, she was asked to exit her vehicle.

When Rogers stepped out of her vehicle, the officer reportedly noticed that she appeared unsteady on her feet and had to use the car to balance herself. She was asked if she would take a field sobriety test and she allegedly agreed to do so but reportedly told the officer that she had screws in her leg and could not "do your stupid walk and turn stuff."

At one point when the officer asked Rogers to recite the alphabet starting at C and ending at T she reportedly told the officer "I can't say those backwards if I had not been drinking," although the officer never asked her to recite the letters backwards, according to reports.

She reportedly started singing the alphabet, stopped several times and missed the letter Q. During the finger dexterity evaluation she allegedly missed several thumb to finger touches and reportedly failed to count properly.

Rogers was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane and driving without license on person.