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Woman calls 911 on husband and ends up going to jail herself
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Deputies were called to a home on Rock View Lane early Thursday morning after a woman reportedly claimed her husband beat her.

According to reports, when deputies arrived at the home the found a man moving books out of a car and placing them in the garage. The man reportedly tried to tell deputies what was going on but before he could do so his wife came into the garage and allegedly told deputies they needed to speak with her since she was the one who had called.

Deputies walked into the home to speak with the woman who was identified as 49-year-old Cassandra Bernel West.  She reportedly told deputies to take her husband to jail, when asked if he had struck her West allegedly said that he did.

She reportedly told deputies that her husband picked her up and threw her against a wall. When asked if she had any marks on her she allegedly told them she did not and she also reportedly declined to be seen by EMS.

According to reports, West told deputies that she and her husband had been married for 13 years and in that time he had never hit her. She allegedly said that “all he usually does is walk around squawking his mouth.” West reportedly told deputies that this time during an argument her husband did hit her and that deputies could “go ahead and take Chris Brown to jail.”

When deputies went outside to speak with her husband they found him bleeding from scratches on his face that he reportedly told them West put there. He allegedly told deputies that the two were arguing over the way the vehicle was packed for a trip they were taking out of town and when he went to move her books that West didn’t want him to touch she attacked him.

He allegedly told deputies that West backed him against the garage door and when she did he grabbed her and spun her around against the door and backed off in order to avoid further injury to himself. According to reports he told deputies that he did not intend to hurt his wife and that the dent that was visible in the garage door was from him trying to get furniture on top of the vehicle.

Deputies checked the damage to the garage door and reportedly concluded that the angle of the dents did not appear to be made by an elbow striking the door. There was a second dent to the garage door according to reports, that looked as if it could have been made by an elbow striking it but when asked where she hit the door West reportedly told them that she did not hit that side of the garage door.

According to reports, West allegedly told deputies that her husband attacked her because “he wanted things his way and she was not going to have it,” so she defended herself against him by scratching his face when he threw her into the garage.

After deputies finished their investigation, they found West to have been the aggressor in the incident. Deputies went into the home and reportedly found her lying in the bed claiming to be sleepy.

She was asked to come downstairs and deputies waited while she allegedly brushed her teeth, got dressed and did her hair. She reportedly did not think it was right that she was being arrested instead of her husband and allegedly told deputies again that she wanted him to go to jail.

She was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act.