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State Route 212 at Bethany Road, Butler Bridge Road signal operations beginning soon

The newly installed State Route (SR) 212 at Bethany Road/Butler Bridge Road signalized intersection goes into flash mode Tuesday, March 14 and full stop-and-go Tuesday, March 21.

Georgia DOT message boards will alert the traveling public to the upcoming signal changes. Flashing yellow means proceed with caution through intersection for SR 212 travelers and red indicates stop for two local street approaches until the signal is fully operational the following week.

There is a new flashing yellow arrow (FYA) for the left turn off SR 212 to Butler Bridge Road.

The FYA traffic lights are deployed at intersections with historic heavy left-turning traffic volumes. The signals apply exclusively to drivers making left turns. The signal will be a vertical display of four left turn arrows functioning as follows:

  • When solid Red arrow is illuminated, no left turn is allowed;
  • When solid Yellow arrow is displayed, drivers should prepare to stop as light is about to turn red;
  • When flashing Yellow arrow is illuminated, drivers may turn left but must yield to pedestrians and oncoming vehicles; and
  • When solid Green arrow is displayed, drivers may turn left.  

Federal Highway Administration studies have shown these signals help reduce crashes of left-turning vehicles by as much as 35 percent. The FYA also offers clearer guidance to drivers turning left and allows them more movement through the intersection when no pedestrians or oncoming traffic are present, thereby reducing back-ups, engine idling and auto emissions.

If the traffic signal has a malfunction the left turn will flash red. As with all signalized intersections, a flashing red is treated as a stop condition and flashing yellow is treated as proceed with caution. If all indications at an intersection are flashing red or the intersection is dark, it should be treated as a four-way stop.

Citizens should monitor or download the App to stay current on all upcoming lane closures and activities. Georgia DOT East on Facebook and @GDOTEastTraffic on Twitter also provide daily updates.