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Six manhole covers stolen in city
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Covington Police responded to Covington's maintenance department about a theft.

When the officer arrived, Keith Murphy told the officer that one of his employees discovered four manhole covers taken from the street on Aaron Drive off Bob Williams Parkway.

A few days later, two other employees discovered two more manhole covers taken from the street on Keegan Ct off Bob Williams Parkway.

Murphy told the officer that each manhole costs approximately $55.
Another employee discovered a metal grate missing from the street near South Street and Hendricks Circle.

The estimated cost for the metal grate was approximately $125.

Woman attacked walking home from store
When a Newton County officer arrived at the scene of an assault, Jessica Nelley told the officer that while she was walking home from the store, she noticed a tall black male following her.

While she walked down Holifield Road, Nelley heard the bicycle that the man was riding on fall to the ground. The man came up behind her, put her in a headlock, knocked her to the ground and ripped off her shirt.
The man hit her in the right eye and jaw. However, Nelley managed to hit the suspect in the head with her purse.

The suspect then jumped on his bike and left the scene. Nelley said that the man had a goatee and short dreadlocks. He was wearing a navy blue or black hooded sweater.

Meat and potted plants stolen from back patio
When Covington police arrived at the scene of a theft, Thelma Robinson told the officer several of her potted plants were missing from her back patio area.

In total, eight different potted plants were missing and were valued at $50.

Robinson also noticed that her freezer was open. When she checked it, she noticed that several packages of meat were missing. Robinson said she had 10 packages of meat valued at $45.