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Searchers find Covington boy, 14, who disappeared in Alcovy River
A Newton County rescue team works to find two possible drowning victims this week in the Alcovy River at Factory Shoals Park.

A Newton County rescue team has found a teen two days after being reported missing after swimming in the Alcovy River in south Newton County.

The rescue team found the body of Dejerein Grier, 14, of Covington, this morning, said spokeswoman Caitlin Jett of the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Grier and his mother's boyfriend, Antonio Perry, reportedly disappeared Tuesday, Aug. 11, after reportedly going under the water of the river at Factory Shoals Park Tuesday. 

The rescue team recovered the body of Perry, 38, of Covington, Wednesday afternoon. However, they stopped searching when a thunderstorm with lightning rolled in to the area late Wednesday afternoon.

No other details were immediately available.