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Rowe: Making America Great Again
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When the Presidential Election ended, I thought the debating, tension and division would be finished as well. But we have more to talk about than ever before.

One word sums up this whole presidential campaign season and it's after effects — controversial. Even that is a huge understatement. It gives controversy a whole new meaning. Come to think of it another word that sums all this up is respect — or rather lack of it.

The attitudes displayed by both candidates, media and the general public throughout this campaign were so overwhelming it pitted American against American, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, education or income.

Everything surrounding this campaign went against the very fundamentals this country was founded on. “One nation under God, United as one” — how many of you forgot those words? How many of you never heard it until now?

I've kept my two cents worth to myself regarding this and I may hear about in saying something now but here are my thoughts.

Like everyone else, I am glad the election is done with. The holidays are around the corner and that's what we should be focusing on. It’s a time of being thankful.

Protesting isn't going to change the outcome. More Americans turned out to vote than expected in this election. Americans had choices — vote or don't vote. Male or Female. Democrat, Republican or Libertarian.

For the Americans who did vote, our voices WERE heard, whether you agree or disagree.You voted and exercised your choice but your choice alone isn't the deciding factor. What counts is electoral votes, not popular votes. What's done is done, it's over, in the past and you cannot rewrite history — period.

From my perspective, it seems most of the protesters who are arguing that the election is decisive are young, perhaps first-time voters. Some may be truly passionate about their cause, while some may be naive, uninformed participants who got caught up in the moment, perhaps anxious for a few seconds of attention. The problem with protesters is they don't want to accept responsibility for their own actions because it's much easier to shift the blame and point fingers at others. They are right about one thing — each person can make a difference.

The choices are fewer now, but, protesting isn't an option. It may be their right, but, why not channel that energy in a positive way? Either accept victory or defeat, depending on your view. Nobody could have predicted the outcome and the results left many speechless, including Hillary Clinton. Both President Obama and Clinton accepted the defeat with respect and dignity but most importantly, pledged their support and as Americans, we should follow their lead.

We still have choices and rights but perhaps it's our responsibility and duty to support, encourage and pray for the leader of our country. Prayer is a mighty powerful thing and it's crucial to undertaking the position of leadership. Now is the time as Americans to put the past behind and adopt our future Presidents campaign slogan to ‘Make America Great Again.’ Instead of being divided as a country,we can unite and work together instead of against each other. Pray for each other,show respect , compassion and love and we can make America great again.

Beth Rowe is a columnist who sees the world around her and tells it like it is. She may be reached at