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Purple woman makes for colorful arrest
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office encountered something you don’t see every day — a woman painted purple running into traffic on Interstate 20, and throwing things onto the interstate.

Around 7:15 a.m. Monday, deputies were called to the interstate between the exits for Almon Road (exit 88) and Covington (exit 90) when motorists saw a woman, painted purple, throwing things onto the roadway, running into traffic and even, allegedly, lying down in the middle of the lane.

The woman was later identified as 31-year-old Jennifer Lainhart.

Deputies reportedly spoke with Lainhart, asking why she had painted "her whole body" purple. She responded that she was attempting to conceal her identity, according to NCSO Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison. Lainhart, whose address is in Tennessee, had allegedly thrown a suitcase and car seat onto the interstate as well, and, as deputies continued to question her, she became irate, laid down in the wet grass at mile marker 89, and began cursing at the deputies as they tried to handcuff her.

However, when they opened the door to a patrol car, she reportedly got into the vehicle without incident. Deputies found no evidence of Lainhart traveling with anyone, or that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, and for the safety of herself and other drivers on the interstate.

Lainhart was taken to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, where she remains.