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Porterdale puts brakes on landfill traffic
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The City of Porterdale passed a new ordinance Monday banning vehicles from using compression and engine brakes except in emergencies in an effort to prohibit large garbage trucks from passing through the town as the county weighs a deal to expand and privatize the landfill.

Mayor Arline Chapman confirmed that the measure, known as the "Jake Brake" ordinance, was intended to preempt the agreement and protect Porterdale’s historic and residential areas.

“It was something that we had discussed in the past…and we don’t know how this landfill thing is going to end” she said. “I believe in staying ahead of the hounds if you possibly can.”

Chapman said Lithonia has imposed a similar measure, adding that it should not affect the trucks heading to the existing mill.

The ordinance reads: "It shall be unlawful for any person in actual physical control of a motor vehicle, including but not limited to a truck or tractor-trailor truck, to use an engine break or compression brakes while traveling along the streets of the City affect an emergency stop of the motor vehicle." 

It also establishes a minimum fine of $500. 

Newton County is considering a tripartite deal to settle a lawsuit that would lease the county landfill to a private operator. That operator would increase daily disposal rates by more than four times and open the landfill to bring in waste from outside the county.

*An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that vehicles with compression brakes are banned. The *use* of compression brakes has been banned, except for emergency stops. We regret the error.