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Newton County Jail Log
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Shauna Laverne Marshall, 43, 220 Stone Creek Parkway, Covington, July 25. Forgery in first degree, unauthorized distribution, fictitious information, obtaining or attempting to obtain, attempt or conspiracy to commit, possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

Wallace O’Neal McKibben Jr., 21, 10131 Hidden Branches way, Covington, July 28. Possession of marijuana.

Adam Levie Miller, 18, Conyers, July 26. Disorderly conduct, theft by shoplifting.

Darrell James Parker, 23, Leesburg, Fla., July 27. Public drunkenness.

Julie Faye Parker, 36, 85 Dayton Way, Covington, July 28. Possession of a Schedule IV drug (Xanax), drugs to be kept in original container, improper lane usage, driving while license suspended.

Ray Peeples Jr., 34, 5400 Memorial Drive, 8F, Covington, July 30. Speeding.

Alan Graham Pitt, 21, Dunwoody, July 28. Possession of marijuana, driving without headlights.

Kimberly Dawn Powell, 37, 150 Harville Road, Covington, July 28. DUI, improper stopping, parking in fire lane, expiration and renewal licenses.

Willie Baldo Ramirez, 23, 1891 Access Road, Lot 27, Covington, July 26. License required, surrender of, failure to dim bright lights.

Renee Carol Ranney, 50, 840 Lake Stone Lea Point, Covington, July 28. Family Violence Act simple battery, FVA disorderly conduct, FVA simple assault.

Charles Anthony Robinson, 27, 55 Oak Hill drive, Covington, July 29. Assault.

Sterling Christine Sennyuen, 19, Social Circle, July 28. Theft by shoplifting.

Steven Eric Spence, 18, Social Circle, July 28. Theft by shoplifting.

Joel Willard Thomas, 41, 115 Snapping Shoals Road, Covington, July 27. DUI, limited driving permits, improper lane usage.

Joel Willard Thomas, 41, 115 Snapping Shoals Road, Covington, July 28. Public drunkenness.

Dyrica L. Williams, 23, Atlanta, July 25. Forgery in first degree, forgery in second degree.

Mary Sonyo Yapo, 35, 152 Cannon Farm Road, Oxford, July 25. Probation violation.

Kelvin Deangelo Battle, 26, 15151 Alcovy Jersey Road, Covington, July 31. Work release.

Jodie Lee Bazemore, 50, 245 Hunters Trace, Covington, Aug. 2. Court sentenced to work release.

Lawrence Milton Bell, 32, 3320 County Line Road, Covington, Aug. 1. Probation violation.

Erica Diane Brooks, 19, 10126 Morris Drive, Covington, Aug. 3. Probation violation.

Ackeme Andre Brown, 22, Lilburn, July 31. Probation violation.

Antron Lorenzo Buckhanan, 36, 325 Long Creek Drive, Covington, Aug. 6. Aggravated assault, Family Violence Act simple assault, first-degree arson.

Napoleon Jarvis Butler, 33, Augusta, Aug. 6. Court sentenced.

Kevin Michael Carpenter, 25, 75 Fox Chase, Covington, Aug. 2. Court sentenced.

Reeder Bernard Carr, 25, 45 Hunters Ridge Court, Covington, Aug. 6. Cruelty to children, Family Violence Act battery.

Destiny Jontau Coody, 25, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 29, Covington, Aug. 3. Driving without headlights in the dark, possession of marijuana, felony with intent to distribute.

Dale Wayne Dee, 43, 381 Adams Road, Covington, Aug. 5. Two counts probation violation.

Quinton O’Neal Dennis, 35, 20 Myrtle Grove Lane, Covington, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

Fernando Alberto Escobar Jr., 21, 45 Jill Lane, Covington, July 31. Two counts probation violation.

Tavaris Antwaunn Gibbs, 22, 9116 Salem Grove Road, Covington, Aug. 6. Probation violation.

Terry Ladell Gibbs, 24, 7163 Jackson Highway, Covington, Aug. 5. Probation violation.

Lechrystopher Isiah Gilbert, 23, 25 Princeton Way, Covington, Aug. 2. Sale of marijuana.

Ryan O’Neal Glover, 43, 10100 Hidden Branches Way, Covington, Aug. 6. Probation violation.

Charles Grier, 21, 347 Oxford Road, Oxford, Aug. 4. To serve 30 days.

Maartell Dequinedria Grier, 29, 7107 Geiger St., Covington, Aug. 3. Possession of cocaine with intent.

Jai Amadevs Griggs, 26, 330 Emerson Trail, Covington, Aug. 2. Possession of marijuana misdemeanor, conspiracy to commit a crime to distribute marijuana.

Dedric O’Neal Hardeman, 35, 10186 Waterford Road, Covington, Aug. 4. Two counts probation violation.

Travis Theobe Hardeman, 23, 9305B Cedar Ridge Drive, Covington, Aug. 6. Parole violation.

Fernardo Lamas Hoke, 41, 205 Highgate Trail, Covington, Aug. 1. Battery, aggravated stalking.

James Edward Huckeba, 42, Fayetteville, Aug. 1. Two counts probation violation.