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Newborn to host bad weather preparedness presentation
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The Newborn Neighborhood Watch Program launched three meetings in the month of June with more than 30 citizens participating. The Block Captains worked very hard to meet, speak and hand out information to as many citizens within Newborn as possible.

Information presented by Deputy Doug Clifton gave citizens a guide to knowing how to help resolve some of the issues presented. With the focus of the organization being on "Citizens Doing Their Part," the overall feeling was that we felt that we have an organized method to voice our concerns to the mayor and with the mayor and council's support of the Neighborhood Watch, a means to remedy some of the complaints within our neighborhoods.

As a result of the three meetings, and the desire to learn more, NNW has invited Mr. Jody Nolan, deputy director of Newton Co. Emergency Management Agency to present his well known powerful presentation on "Storm Preparedness." Mr. Nolan feels this information will teach us to be prepared, to plan and stay informed. Mr. Nolan stated he felt that the attendees will see the necessity to learn the precautions that should be taken to prepare them and their families for most emergency situations involving natural and man-made disaster situations.

We all have experienced the intense heat so far this summer. GEMA has urged citizens to take every precaution while out in the heat.

With this season being predicted to be the most active in recorded history with severe weather, hurricanes and tornadoes, we need to become knowledgeable about protecting ourselves. While Newborn certainly will not experience a hurricane, the effects can reach us through tornadoes, lightning and hail. According to the National Hurricane Center, in 2004 "Ivan" produced 127 tornadoes of which 25 hit Georgia, and in 2005 "Katrina" made landfall in Louisiana, 280 miles from Georgia but spawned 20 tornadoes within Georgia. This was the highest recorded number in history for the month of August, as stated by the National Hurricane Center.

We as citizens sometimes do not take the personal responsibility to do what we should for ourselves. When emergencies and disasters occur, the rapid and effective dissemination of instructions and essential information can significantly help to reduce loss of life and property. This is what Mr. Nolan will be teaching us during his presentation. Literature will be given to each attendee and any questions you may have will be answered. It is an honor to have Mr. Jody Nolan come to Newborn with this program and I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity. Please come with your families, friends and neighbors.

The presentation "Storm Preparedness" will be held on Thursday, July 15 in the Public Safety Building located on Highway 142 in Newborn. Our building is directly next to Town Hall, which is located at 4225 Highway 142 in Newborn.

All are welcome and encouraged to come.

For more information on the program, call (404) 680-0235.